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Not sure where to start? 

Mystery key

The Progression four corners process has you covered!


Organizational development

Needs discovery

An organizational development issue may sound like a culture shift, a gap between today's function and how you want to function, or other large issues for which you aren't certain of the cause. 



  • Strategic planning

  • Systems 

  • Structure

  • Root-cause analysis

  • Leadership development

Learning interventions

Needs discovery

A learning intervention issue may sound like any need that requires learning on the part of your employees. It may be the result of performance analysis or organizational development needs--or you could already know what you need.


  • Instructor - led training

  • e Learning

  • Micro - learning

  • Learning paths and coaching guides

  • Reference materials

  • New hire training

Performance consulting

Needs discovery

A performance consulting issue may sound like any particular performance metric that needs growth, or where gaps in performance exist.  This may be new behavior, or taking existing performance to the next level. 


  • Root-cause analysis

  • Solution identification and development

  • Solution implementation

  • Evaluation and maintenance 

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