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Organizational development, learning, and performance consulting specialists


Organizational Development

Root-cause analysis, Strategic planning, Systems and more.

Learning Interventions

Learning interventions, Change training, Facilitation and delivery.


Performance Consulting

Upskilling, Gap analysis, Change management and more. 


Real. Measurable. Results.

Our strategies and interventions target operational goals and measure progress. Whether targets are profitability, efficiency, or a change, you can be assured of meaningful measures and partners dedicated to bottom-line PROGRESSION.

The Progression experience

Needs discovery

We engage whether you're coming with a problem, nebulous ideas, or know just what you want.

Thoughtful analysis

We ask the questions and do the work necessary to drive deep, meaningful results with every solution.

Solution proposal

Analysis is converted to scaled solutions that work with your budget or approach.  You tell us the right approach. 


Solutions are developed with your constant input, and include measurement strategies to ensure success.



Des Moines, IA

Tel: 515 635-4896

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